Military & Related

Original World War II German Nazi Police Helmet

This helmet was used by police, civic fire brigades and military fire brigades.
Original Nazi party decal on one side and the Feuer Eagle on the other. Original 9 panel leather liner inside. Very good condition.


1977 Zippo Lighter ~ USS Pharris FF-1094

This Zippo produced in 1977 was in honor of the Pharris, originally a Destroyer Escort but later refitted to a frigate.

Ship's name & crest engraved on the front.

Excellnt overall larger nick on bottom edge, please see photos.

Shipped without fluid. Needs a new flint.


1983 Zippo Lighter USS Michigan SSBN 727

This Zippo Lighter was made to honor the USS Michigan SSBN 727, launched in late 1982. The Michigan, launched as a nuclear powered ballistic submarine was converted in 2007 to SSGN (guided missile nuclear powered submarine).

The Michigan's original logo is engraved on the front.

Excellent condition with surface marks and scrapes. Has a new wick, needs a flint.


World War II Flying Tigers Flight Jacket

Private purchase jacket was worn by a 2nd Lieutenant while serving with The Flying Tigers in China during the second half of 1941. Two theater made bullion patches and a large silk blood chit on the back.
Excellent condition. Very rare addition to any military collection.



Brigadier General Richard Stephen "Steve" Ritchie Autographed Aerial Dog Fight Picture

Steve Ritchie...1964 graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy...only U.S. Fighter Ace of the Vietnam Conflict...only American to shoot down five MiG-21's.  Winner Air Force Cross, 10 Distinguished Flying Crosses and 25 Air Medals.  

This autographed picture shows General (then Captain) Ritchie's plane making a first pass of a MiG-21 on 8 July 1972.  One minute and 40 seconds later, Captain Ritchie will have shot down two MiGs.

Picture is signed "To Jim from a fellow warrior!  Steve Ritchie 8 July 97". (25th anniversary)

This picture has 2 holes punched in the paper from where a former owner apparently wanted to hang the picture.  Also has a tear in the top margin.

When framed, the imperfections will be far less noticeable.  In the first picture, camera glare obscures some of the text.  That is not there in person.

Outside measurements are 10" x 8".




1960's Vintage MAAG Taiwan Windproof Lighter

Amazing condition lighter was produced by Wellington in Japan.

Zippo-style windproof lighter is decorated with the MAAG shield and engraved on the back "MAAG Taipei, Taiwan". MAAG command was in Taipei 1951 - 1978.

Lighter appears unused (wick is new) and is near mint+ condition. Original box is near mint.



Vintage Vulcan Lighter United Nations Command Military Armistice Commission

1960's Japan produced lighter features the UN crest and "J.S.A. Pan Mun Jom" on the front and "In front Of Them All" on the back.

Lighter measures 2" wide.

Condition is very good/excellent with some marks on the surface.

Needs a flint.



Large Selection of Antique & Vintage Military Helmets
Many pieces available from the U.S.A. and around the world. World War I - Vietnam War
Prices range $35 - $200

1863 Civil War Token Broas Brothers Pie Bakers

Civil War token features the store card advertisement and "Our Country" on one side and "United We Stand" and George Washington on the other.  Very good condition



Lot of 28 Assorted United States Marine Corps Rank Insignia, Pins and Jewelry

Lot includes:

-1 4" x 6" Usmc Flag

-2 Sets of collar pins (private first class, lance corporal.

-pair of USMC collar insignia

-1 rifle marksman certification badge

-1 Usmc gold color tie clasp

-4 private first class chevrons for service dress coat

-6 lance corporal chevrons for service dress coat

-8 private first class chevrons for service dress B & C shirt

-5 lance corporal chevrons for service dress B & C shirt

Condition of all pieces is excellent - new.  Most items are unused.



Vintage Dud Sidewinder Missle Used Outside Florida Recruitment Station
Large aluminum missle was used to decorate a recruitment station. Measures 66" tall x 6" wide.
Excellent condition
Vintage Florida Army National Guard Recruitment Center Tin Sign
Metal sign was hung outside a recruitment center in the 1980's.
Measures 49" wide x 24" tall. Excellent condition.
Bayonet by PAL for the 03 Springfield Rifle
Bayonet with scabbard. Measures 16" tall x 3.75" wide. Excellent condition. #BP


World War II U.S. Navy Mark II Kabar Fighting Knife
Over 70 years old. Measures 13" long x 25" wide. Includes leather sheath. Excellent condition. #BP


World War I High Leather Military Boots ~ British Made Cavalry or Pilot's Boots 

Brown leather boots are in surprisingly good condition.  Well made boots measure 17" tall and appear to be about a size 9.  Bottoms of soles measure 11-1/2" long x 3-7/8" wide.

8 eyelet lace up sections at the ankle...only one lace is present.

Marked inside boots with a company logo and "Mansfield & Sons London Paris, Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham, Sheffield, Newcastle on Tyne, Leeds, Hull, Nottingham".

Boots include full size 4 piece wood boot stays.

Excellent condition.  Will accent any WWI uniform collection



Pair World War II Sterling Silver U.S. Captain's Bars 

Heavy design Captain's bars are original period WWII items.  Swing bar pin clasps work perfectly.

Marked on back of both "STERLING".

Each measures 1" x 1".

Total weight is 19.5 grams

Condition is excellent+. 



Korean War U.S. Air Force Navigator Wings Pin 

1/20 Silver Filled Wings feature the navigator's logo at center.

Marked on back "1/20 Silver Filled S21".

Measures 2" long x 5/8" tall.

Excellent condition.



Indian War Era U.S. Cavalry Kepi Cap Insignia c.1870

Gilded brass crossed swords insignia retains all four of the loops on back used to secure piece to a kepi.

Measures 2-3/4" wide  x 1-3/8" tall x 3/8" deep.

Condition is excellent.  No dings, dents or scratches. Natural patina only.



Amazing Large Civil War Cabinet Photograph of Confederate Soldier in Uniform with Kepi

Original cabinet card.  This larger sized format photographs were rare during the civil war...invented c. 1860, the cabinet card was not usually seen until 1870 & later.

Large, thin image has been trimmed and attached to a thicker backing card. 

Photograph shows a Confederate soldier in uniform with his kepi cap and what appears to be the edge of a field pack on his back (only a small bit of the pack is visible).  A serious looking man, he is sporting a classic Civil War style beard

Image measures 8" tall x 6-1/4" wide.

Very old oval frame is antique plaster on wood base design and dates to apx the same age as the photograph.  Frame measures 14" tall x 11" wide

Photographic image is in excellent condition. 

Frame is in poor - good condition with heavy chipping in the plaster design.

Pictures have been taken with the photo inside and outside of the frame.



Lot of 7 Tintype & CDV Soldier Photographs ~ Indian War Era c. 1870.

Original period photographs...some are identified and some in full dress uniform.

Lot includes

tintype - officer in full uniform with spiked helmet and cloak

tintype - cavalryman in a paper frame marked as patented March 7, 1865

CDV - U.S. Infantry 1870 - 1880

CDV - U.S. Soldier in kepi

CDV - U.S. Artillery officer in full dress uniform

CDV - Officer in full dress uniform identified on back 2nd Lt Richard F. Smith

CDV - U.S. Infantry officer identified on the back Lt. Fuller Co F 47th PA Civil War vet...4th infantry co. k officer 1870 - 1880

Photograph average excellent condition.  Some normal age marks. 



Antique Military Cadet Photograph in Tombstone Frame
WWI era large photograph of a young man in full military uniform.  Wood & glass antique frame has original undamaged convex glass.  Measures 17" tall x 11" wide.  Excellent condition.#jj
WWII U.S. Army Ike Jacket
World War II era jacket has headquarters patch on shoulder. Size 38S
Excellent condition.
WWII U.S. Navy Uniform Shirt & Pants
Named uniform was owned by John Steele who served in the Pacific campaign. 
Uniform is rated seaman 1st class aviation machinists mate with 4 year stripe.
Excellent condition.


1941 Saint George of England - United We Stand America Medal

Very Rare World War II Item.

Medal was struck by Medallic Art Co. New York.  Funds from the sale of this medal went to benefit the British-American Ambulance Corps.

United We Stand and Heraldic Eagle design by Mario Korbel.  Saint George of England Slaying the Dragon was designed by Paul Manship.

Medal measures 1-1/2" in diameter.

Excellent condition.  Pictured medal is the one you will receive.



Spanish American War Era Photograph of Soldier in Kepi Cap Holding a Baby Girl

Cabinet photo features a man in civilian clothes wearing a Kepi cap with the insignia of the 33rd.  He is holding a baby girl in a white dress and black hand made leather shoes.

Man pictured may be an active soldier on leave or a retired soldier wearing a ceremonial dress Kepi.

c. 1890

Card measures 5-1/4" x 4".  Photographic area measures 4-3/4" x 3-1/4".

Overall excellent condition.  Black border of card shows chips and small surface paper loss.  Photograph has expected surface wear and scuffs.  Image is clear and sharp


World War I Trench Art Swagger Stick Made From .30-06 Springfield Rounds

Nearly 100 Year old swagger stick was hand constructed of 8 .30-06 Springfield cartridges.  The top of the stick is adorned with a WWI Quartermaster Corps collar disc. 

Swagger stick measure 18" long.  The collar disc on the top measures 1" in diameter.

Overall excellent condition.




World War I Medal Issued by Richmond, Virginia

Victory Medal

Special medal was commissioned and issued by Richmond, Virginia to soldiers and sailors returning from World War I service who were residents of Richmond.  Issued in 1919.  Medal features Lady Liberty holding the U.S. flag and an olive branch next to the city seal of Richmond.

Marked on back "Presented by the citizens of Richmond, Virginia in grateful recognition of patriotic service in the world war 1917 - 1919".

Original red, white & blue ribbon is crisp and bright.

Pinback works perfectly.

2-3/4" long x 1-1/2" wide.

Overall excellent+ condition.  Original ribbon is sturdy.


World War I Medal Issued by the State of New Jersey

New Jersey Victory Medal

Special medal was commissioned and issued by the state of New Jersey to soldiers and sailors returning from World War I service who were residents of New Jersey.  Issued in 1919.  Medal features Lady Liberty marching to war with US troops and a biplane flying overhead.  Marked on front "Victory 1917 - 1919".

Marked on back "Presented by the State of New Jersey to its citizens who served in the world war".

Original red, white & blue ribbon is topped with a bar reading "NEW JERSEY".

Pinback works perfectly.

3-1/4" long x 1-1/2" wide.

Overall excellent+ condition.  Original ribbon is sturdy.



World War I US Army Collar Insignia

5th Field Artillery Company C of The U.S. Expeditionary Forces.

Brass insignia has original pin back.

Measures 1-3/4" wide x 1" tall.

Excellent condition



World War I US Army Corps of Engineers Company "C" Collar Insignia

Disc has original screw back.

Excellent condition.



World War I Iowa State Militia Collar Insignia

Cut out letter design is "I.S.M.".

Measures 1-1/4" long x 3/4" tall.

Excellent condition



Lot of 2 World War I US Army Collar Insignia

Lot includes

Quartermaster Collar Disc

Quartermaster Cut Out Design Brass Collar Insignmia

Excellent condition. 



World War I US National Guard Collar Insignia

USNG Brass Collar Insignmia

Disc has original screw back.

Excellent condition


World War I US Army Collar Insignia

55th Infantry Regiment of The U.S. Expeditionary Forces.

Brass insignia has original screw back.

Measures 1-3/4" wide x 1" tall.

Excellent condition


Lot of 2 World War I US Army Collar Disc Insignia

Lot includes

Signal Corps Disc

Infantry Disc

Brass discs have original screw backs.

Excellent condition



World War I Ohio National Guard Collar Insignia

Cut out letter design is "U.S. OHIO"

Measures 7/8" long x 1/2" tall.

Excellent condition


1974 Steinberg Brothers Vietnam US Military Helmet Liner Headband 

Leather & nylon headband with metal attachment clips.

Marked on nylon strap "Headband Liner Helmet -11-   DSA-100-74-C-0116   8470-153-6671  Steinberg Bros Inc"

Mint condition.  Appears never worn.



Lot of 5 Civil War Fired & Deformed Rifle Bullets

Interesting lot of heavy lead bullets that met with something on the receiving end that deformed each one differently.

150+ years old.

Condition is deformed as shown in photos


World War I US Army Collar Disc Insignia

ROTC, Reserve Officer Training Camp

Brass disc has original screw back.

Excellent condition


World War I US Army Collar Disc Insignia

4th Infantry Machine Gun

Brass disc has original screw back.

Excellent condition


World War II U.S. Maritime Services Officer's Bullion Hat Band

Black stretch hat band has a wonderful Merchant Marine logo of an eagle with outstretched wings above a shield with fouled anchor surrounded by oak leaves.

Central design measures 2.25" tall x 2.25" wide.

Excellent condition.  Stretch band is intact and complete.  Bullion design is complete with normal toning.



World War I German Soldier Death Card & His Iron Cross 2nd Class 

In Shadow Box Display Case

Lot includes:

Death Card of Private Peter Wimmer, died 8/21/16.  Photograph on card shows Private Wimmer in dress uniform with Pickelhaube helmet.

Iron Cross Second Class

Excellent condition.  Card shows light wear at corners and borders.  Medal is in original, excellent condition and free from dents, scratches or gouges. Ribbon is in the display with a soft cap German cockade



World War I German Soldier Death Card & His Two Medals In Shadow Box Display Case

Lot includes:

Death Card of Sergeant Joseph Riebel, died November 8th 1916.

Iron Cross First Class

Black Wound Badge.

Excellent condition.  Card shows wear and creases at corners and borders.  Both medals are in original, excellent condition and free from dents, scratches or gouges.




Very Rare World War I Pocket Knife featuring Wilhelm II and Franz Joseph I

Brass handled pocket knife has solid beautiful 100 year old patina.

Two blade knife. One side is decorated with an Iron Cross the dates 1914-1918 and a German phrase that translates  roughly to "Dedicated to the memory of the great time".  The other side features German Emperor Wilhelm II and Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I and a phrase that translates to "Strength through unity".

Measures 3-1/2" x 3/4" when closed and 8" long with both blades opened.

Very good - excellent condition.  Normal marks as expected from age.  Tip of the larger blade is chipped



World War II Hand Tailored Navy Uniforms
Navy Commander uniforms are dress and service.  Hand Tailored
Near Mint condition.  jj
$60 - $80 each