Entertainment Memorabilia

1960s LP Album ~ Songs and Pictures of The Fabulous Beatles


Vee Jay #1092

14 Beatles songs and pictures of each Beatle on the back along with a heart shaped space to paste your own photo.

Original sealed album is in near mint condition.  A bump and small tear in plastic shrink wrap on bottom right corner...please see pictures.



Star Trek Action Figures - New in Boxes
Large selection from various Star Trek Shows
$12 - $25 each


Signed Photograph Martin Landau as Bela Lugosi
Signe and framed photo features Martin Landau as seen in 1994's Ed Wood.
Includes letter of authenticity. Framed size 13-3/4" x 16-3/4".

Lot of 27 American Space Pioneer NASA Astronaut Signed Mission Patches

Amazing collection of patches each accompanied with the original certificate of authenticity guarantying the authenticity of the signature and attesting that the maximum number of each signed patch produced was 500.

American Space Pioneer Series by Eagle One Aerospace, 1993.

Lot includes the following autographed patches:

Alan B. Shepard (deceased) - First U.S. Astronaut in space, Apollo 14 Commander & one of 12 moon walkers

Edgar D. Mitchell - Apollo 14 Pilot & one of 12 moon walkers

Edward G. Gibson - Skylab 4 astronaut (84+ days in space)

James B. Irwin - Apollo 15 Pilot & one of 12 moon walkers. Patch is signed  by Mary E. Irwin, James' widow

V.I. Gus Grissom - 2nd US Astronaut in space - killed in launch pad fire Apollo 1. Patch is signed by his widow Betty Grissom.

Alfred M. Worden - Command Module pilot Apollo 15, mission to the moon (2 of these patches are included with lot)

Edward G. Gibson - Skylaby 4 astronaut (84+ days in space) Special larger size patch apx. 7" tall.

Frank Borman - Command pilot Gemini 7, Commander Apollo 8, first manned mission to orbit the moon

Gerald P. Carr - Commander Skylab 4 (84+ days in space)

M. Scott Carpenter - Pilot Aurora 7, 2nd U.S. Astronaut to orbit Earth

Walter Cunningham - Lunar module pilot (test) Apollo 7.

Charles Conrad Jr. - Pilot Gemini 5, Gemini 11, Apollo 12 Commander & one of 12 moon walkers, commander of Skylab 2.

L. Gordon Cooper - (deceased) Pilot Faith 7, command plot Gemini 5

Alan L. Bean - Lunar module pilot Apollo 12 & one of 12 moon walkers, commander of Skylab 3 (59 day mission)

Roger B. Chaffee -  killed in launch pad fire Apollo 1. Patch is signed by his father Don L. Chaffee.

William R. Pogue - Pilot of Skylab 4 (84+ days in space), made 2 EVAs over 13 hours total

Walter M. Schirra (deceased) - Pilot Sigma 7, command pilot Gemini 6A, commander Apollo 7

Bruce E. Melnick - 2 shuttle missions, STS-41, STS-49

Karol J. Bobko - 3 shuttle missions, pilot STS-6, commander STS-51, STS-51J

James C. Adamson - 2 shuttle missions STS-28, STS-43

Bruce McCandless II - 2 shuttle missions STS-31, STS-41BV

Robert L. Stewart - 2 shuttle missions STS-41B, STS-51J

David C. Hilmers - 4 shuttle missions STS-51-J, STS-26, STS-36, STS-42

Byron K. Lichtenberg - 2 shuttle missions STS-9, STS-45

Mike Mullane - 3 shuttle missions STS-41D, STS-27, STS-36

John M. Fabian - 2 shuttle missions STS-7, STS-51G 

For pictures of individual patches, please email.

All pieces are mint condition.



Ladies of Star Trek Picture

#7 of only 50 Signed Picture.

Measures 16.5” x 19”



Wizard of Oz Signed Print

Minnesota Heritage Portraits #902/980 Signed & Numbered by the Artist Susan Sampson 1984 more info on back

Measures 33” x 24.5”



1949 Bowman Gum Movie Preview Flipbook
Renegades of Sonara
Series 1, Book 2.  This series was issued in conjunction with Republic Pictures.  Each book showed a scene from the film advertised. 
This book shows Allan "Rocky" Lane on his horse Black Jack.
Measures 2.5" tall x 2" wide
Condition - very good/excellent

Large Selection of Vintage Monster Magazines
1950's - 1990's Freaky Monsters, Creep, Eerie, Cinfantastique and Mad Magazines
$5 - $25 each #9999

Gremlins Complete 1983 5 Record Set
5 - 45 rpm records and read along books.  Still factory sealed
Records tell the complete story of The Gremlins Movie
Mint condition

Groucho Marx Autographed Photograph

A&M Records publicity photograph of Groucho, Harpo, and Chico Marx that is Signed by Groucho. Professionally matted and framed.

8 in. x 11 in.


1956 Bing Crosby Autographed Letter with Original Envelope

Letter is dated December 19, 1956 and was written to a fan who had previously written to Mr. Crosby about the true meaning of Christmas.

Letter is on Bing Crosby Hollywood letterhead and is autographed "Bing".

Original envelope is postmarked LA December 21, 1956.

Letter is mint condition. Envelope grades good.



Nelson A. Rockefeller Autographed Letter & Original Envelope

Mint condition letter was written September 11, 1974 only 3 months before Rockefeller (1908-1979) became Vice President of The United States.

A short letter written to a woman who had ideas to help transit problems.

Strong, bold signature on Nelson Rockefeller stationary (10.5"x 7.25").

Original envelope included is near mint condition and was postmarked September 12, 1974 in New York City.



Avery Brooks Autographed Photograph

Avery Brooks played Commander Benjamin Sisko on Star Trek Deep Space 9. Professionally mounted and displayed with COA. Mint condition.


Lot of 2 1994 Skybox Master Series Holographic Mail In Redemption Cards

 #HG 2 - Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan - Beaming Down. #HG 3 - Star Trek The Next Generation - Romulan Warbird Decloaking. Excellent condition.



Lord of the Rings 10 Figurines  Lurtz and Saruman
New in the box figurines were issued in conjunction with The Fellowship of The Ring movies.
Lurtz Orc & Saruman 
$22 each




Autographed Photograph of Richard LeParmentier, Admiral Motti in Star Wars
Photograph is of Amiral AMotti in the 1977 movie Star Wars.  Motti was famously "force choked" by Darth Vader.
Signed "Long Live The Empire Richard LeParmentier  Motti"
Richard LeParmentier passed away in 2013.