Decorations & Accessories

Model Sailing Ship in Large Glass Display Case
Wood sailing ship is the Benjamin W Latham, a Grand Banks Fishing Vessel. Meticulously detailed ship is in a large glass display case. Mint condition
Measures 26" wide x 10' deep x 19" tall. #dod


Red Rooster Tavern Sign
Vintage solid wood sign is hand painted with a large rooster and the legend "Red Rooster Tavern Rooms $1.00'
Measures 33" tall x 20" wide x 3" deep. Excellent condition.
Large Blue Geode Slice in Stand
Beautiful beep blue geode slice measures 7.5" wide x .5" thick. Brilliant colors. Excellent condition. #djs

1988 Hand & Hammer Silversmiths Sterling Silver Christmas Bells Ornament

New In Box with Paperwork
Beautiful ornament features a pair of bells topped with mistletoe. One bell has a banner marked "1988".

Ornament measures 2" tall x 1-3/4" wide and weighs 12.8 grams. Can also be worn as a pendant.

Mint condition, new in the box ornament includes original paperwork.



Vintage Alien Spaceship Christmas Ornament

Excellent Condition


Price: $125


1988 Hand & Hammer Silversmiths Sterling Silver Santa Claus Ornament

New In Box with Paperwork
Beautiful ornament features Santa Claus holding a banner marked "1988".

Ornament measures 2-1/2" tall x 1-1/4" wide and weighs 10 grams. Can also be worn as a pendant.

Mint condition, new in the box ornament includes original paperwork.


4 Foot Tall Hand Carved Stone Buddha Indoor / Outdoor Statue

Solid stone, hand carved Buddha figure measures 47-1/2" tall. Perfect for display inside or outside. Intricate hand carved details all around. Weighs apx. 150 pounds. New retail = $2500.00

Excellent condition.



Thomas Kinkade Heaven's Grace Pools of Serenity Angel Figurine & Plate

Beautiful porcelain display piece.

Second in the series.

Measures 6" tall x 6.5" wide.

Near mint+ condition.



Thomas Kinkade Heaven's Grace The Hidden Gazebo Angel Figurine & Plate

Beautiful porcelain display piece.

Third in the series.

Measures 6" tall x 6.5" wide.

Near mint+ condition.



Thomas Kinkade Heaven's Grace The Garden of Prayer Angel Figurine & Plate

Beautiful porcelain display piece.

First in the series.

Measures 6" tall x 6.5" wide.

Near mint+ condition.



Lladro A Tribute To Peace Statue
Beautiful, large Lladro figure costs $1600 direct from Lladro. Titled "Contemplacion" A Tribute to Peace. This figure is a topless maiden releasing a dove of peace/
Measures 19" tall x 13.5" wide x 8" deep. Mint condition with original box and wood base.


Lladro Christopher Columbus Statue
Finely detailed figure is a bust of Christopher edition only 1,000 made. Was produced 1987 - 1994. Original certificate included and numbered 210/1000. Measures 19.5" tall x 14" wide x 7.5" deep. Mint condition with original box. Retail price is $1450


Magnificent Quartz Parrot Sculpture
Beautiful hand carved and colored quartz sculpture sits on a separate hand carved roost.
Measures 12" tall x 8" wide x 6" deep. Mint condition. #103


Vintage Jadeite Asian Style Flowers in Planter
Beautiful flowers in shades of green in Jadeite planter. Lovely display piece. Measures 8" tall x 8" wide x 4" deep. #djs
Mint condition


Lladro Bouquet of Buds Limited Edition of 200 Roses Figure
Only 200 made in the early 1970's. Ramo de capallas...Bouquet of buds. Large 3-d roses sculpture comes with the original numbered certificate.
Measures 16" tall x 9" wide. Outstanding condition for its age...a few tiny flea bites only.
Antique Leather Doctor's Bag
Wonderful antique bag is yellow/brown cowhide. Country doctor's bag makes a wonderful display piece in kitchen or hearth.
measures 21" wide x 13" deep x 11" tall. Very good condition. #RDD


Gianini Guitar
Guitar is sold as is, neck and frets need repair. Attractive guitar can be repaired or makes a great wall hanger display. #lmk
Large American Eagle Statue
Highly detailed statue measures 17" tall x 14" wide x 10" deep. Near mint condition. #DOD


Vintage Las Vegas Casino Poker chip Set in Case
1950s - 1960s set includes chips and cards in a wood rotating caddy. Measures 9.5" wide x 4.5" tall. Excellent condition.
1930's U.S. Stamp vending Machine
Well made enameled metal case has a vivid Uncle Sam design, Wall mount machine vends 2 different selections. Measures 20" x 8" wide x 4" deep. Excellent condition. No key.


South American Andean Native Ceramic Pot
Beautiful hand made pot has a fish design. Measures 11" wide x 9" tall. Near mint condition #103


Decorator Brass & Marble Scales
Attractive scales are great for a mercantile display or for use in a lawyer's office.
Measures 16" tall x 17" wide x 6" deep. Excellent condition. #mog-c


Kirby Sentria II Home Care System Vacuum Cleaner with Attachments

Includes original receipt from March 2013 showing purchase price was $1100.00

Vaccum works great!

System can be used as the full unit or broken down to a small hand held unit for stairs or mattresses.

Includes attachments as shown in the pictures.  No carpet shampooer included.

Comes with owner's manual and instructional DVD.

Measures  43" tall x 15" wide.

Excellent condition cosmetically and mechanically.  Vacuum works very well...great Kirby quality.



Herend Raspberry Fishnet Bunny Figurine
Adorable piece of Hungarian pottery. Measures 2" tall x 2.5" deep x 2.5" wide. Mint condition. #103


Herend Rusty Fishnet Piglet Figurine
Beautiful piece of Hungarian porcelain from the Herend company. Measures 3" wide x 2" tall x 1" deep. Mint condition. #103


Circa 1920 Perpetual Calendar
Old, solid wood frame calendar has linen scrolls that are turned to reveal the day, date and month.
Measures 11.5" tall x 9.75" wide x 3" deep. Excellent working condition. #000
Rosenthal Mid Century Vase designed by Beate Kuhn
Kuhn designed pottery for Rosenthal 1953 - 1957. Free flowing, wide mouthed vase measures 7" wide x 5" deep x 4" tall. Gray color inside & out.
Mint condition #dod

Large Tang Dynasty-Style Ceremonial Horse

Beautifully crafted horse.  Lovely collectable and decorative item.  Measures 21” height x 20” wide x 7” depth #t-52


Heisy Biscuit Jar

Biscuit jar displays the H within diamond symbol on bottom.  Still in original factory mint condition. Measures 9.25” height x 5” wide x 5” depth #dod


Ancient Column Doric Style

Light weight column.  Makes an excellent plant, figurine, etc. stand.  Great decorative piece.  Two available.  Measures 55” height x 12” wide x 12” depth #dmd


Antique Handmade Southern Pottery Pitcher Tobacco Spit Glaze

Late 19th century antique pitcher. Excellent condition.  Measures 10.5” height x 8.5” wide x 6.5” depth. #jcr



Goebel Seal Figurine
Beautiful hand made porcelain seal figurine measures 7.5" tall x 4.5" deep x 8.5" wide.
Mint condition. #dod
Striking Japanese Man Statue Made in Italy
Composite material statue has exacting detail in the 19th century dress. Complete with wood base.
Original Made In Italy decal from the 1960's intact.
Measures 17" tall x 5" wide. Near mint condition.


Large Ornate Pottery Turtle Planter
Beautiful hand painted turtle shaped planted is cobalt blue, yellow and green. Measures 2": long x 17" wide x 9.5" tall
Excellent condition. #dod

Beautiful Japanese Woman Statue Made in Italy
Composite material statue has exacting detail in the 19th century dress. Complete with wood base.
Original Made In Italy decal from the 1960's intact.
Measures 15" tall x 5" wide. Near mint condition.


Large 42" Pair of Hand Carved Wood Chinese Statues...Man & Woman
Exquisite Pair of statues. Each is hand carved wood with a verdigris on bronze finish
Traditional garbed man and woman measure 42" tall x 12" wide x 9" deep.
$275.00 for the pair


Murano Glass Sailfish Figure
Exquisite clear glass sailfish measures 15" tall x 10" wide x 6" deep.
Mint condition. #9999


Magnificent Straw Rooster
Hand made and decorated straw rooster stands alone. Measures 21" tall x 12" wide x 8" deep.
Excellent condition. #prt
Herend Vintage Hatchling Sibling Chicks Porcelain Figurine
Rare Herend pottery from Hungary. Older mark on bottom and also inscribed on bottom with artist's name. Hand painted.
Measures 5" tall x 5" wide x 2.5" deep. Mint condition #103


9 Piece Lot Tintypes & CDVs of Babies and Small Children

All photographs date from the 1860s to the 1880's. 

Three tintypes all show babies.  Three CDVs feature babies and three feature small children all apx. 4 or younger. 

CDVs on average measure 4-1/4" x 2-1/2".

Overall excellent - near mint condition.



Ring Neck Pheasant Taxidermy
Beautiful mount is a ring neck pheasant with outstretched wings. Measures 19" tall x 19" wide x 6" deep.
Excellent condition #deck02


Pair Hand Painted & Carved Wood Birds
Pair of expertly crafted birds are a two tone green. Each measures 24" tall x 8.5" wide x 14" deep.
Excellent condition. #dod
Hand Crafted Wood Elephant
Large elephant statue fits into any animal themed décor. Measures 11" tall x 15" long x 7" deep. Excellent condition #Royce

Extra Large Hand Made Vase - Mexico
Large vase has a colorful hand painted floral design. Measures 31" tall x 12" wide. Mint condition #royce


Antique Brass & Copper Dragon Urn
Beautifully patina on this old urn. Hand decorated and has dragons for handles.
Measures 11" tall x 10.5" wide x 6" deep. Excellent condition #JJ


Ichthyosaur (fish-Lizard) Swimming Reptile Fossil Replica
Jurassic Period apx. 150 million years ago. Replica plaque made in England. Measures 33.5" long x 10.5": tall.
Mint condition #9999
Capidomonte Table Centerpiece Made in Italy
Beautiful tall centerpiece is a pierce side bottle shape with 2 cherubs on either side.
Measures 20" tall x 12" wide x 9" deep. Mint condition. #hmp


Large Gold Glass Hand Blown Decorative Bottle
Impressive bottle makes a beautiful décor piece and would be great with feathers or pussy willows.  Measures 23" tall x 8" wide.
Mint condition. #dod
Boehm Madonna Statue
German figurine is white bisque finished porcelain.  Measures 6.5" tall x 6" wide x 4" deep.  Mint condition. #ed-c
Handmade Statue Man Sitting On A Stack Of Books
Vintage statue features a farmer sitting on 3 books.  Measures 22" tall x 10" wide.  Excellent condition. #Royce
Vintage Fostoria Lead Crystal Letter Opener & Paperweight Set
1960's set in new in the original box.  Mint condition. #djs
Two Headed Duckling Gaff Taxidermy
Skillfully created 2 headed duckling is extremely life like.
Measures apx. 3" tall x 3" wide.
Flying Mallard Duck Taxidermy Mount
Professionally mounted mallard is on a piece of driftwood with outstretched wings.
Excellent condition.  Measures 20" long x 23.5" wide x 11" tall. #deck02
Florida Wild Boar Mounted Taxidermy Head
Well done taxidermy head is in excellent condition.  Measures 18" tall x 14" wide x 24" deep. #deck02
Vintage Copper Pitcher
Hand made copper pitcher measures 12" tall x 13" wide x 5.5" deep.  Great age patina.  Perfect watering can for garden display
Excellent condition. #dod
Antique Round Top Frame With Original Convex Glass
Very old wood frame has complete, undamaged convex glass.  Picture in frame is an adorable photograph of a young 1920's girl.
Measures 18" tall x 12" wide.  Excellent condition $9999
Large Hand Made Model f the Spanish Galleon Santisima Trinidad
Incredibly detailed model.  The Santisima Trinidad was launched in 1769 then rebuilt and more guns added in 1802   She is one of the few 4 deck ships of the line ever built in the days of sail.  She carried 140 guns.  Wrecked in 1805 after a battle with the British fleet.  Model measures 39" wide x 25" tall x 18" deep.  Near mint condition. #9999


Brass Steampunk Device
Unusual specially crafted decoration that will fit in with steampunk décor.  Measures 12.5" tall x 9" wide.  excellent condition.  #9999
Asian Large Bone Mosaic Musician
Hand carved bone musician is a beautiful addition to any Asian themed décor or music room.  Apx 1950.  Very good condition...minor imperfections.  Measures 26" tall x 11" wide x 7-1/4" deep.  #dod

Shepherd Lladro

Extremely rare early lladro of the shepherd.  Originally issued in 1969 by Master Sculptor Juan Huerta. Permanently retired in 1975. 18" tall x 6.5" wide 6" depth.


Girl with Pheasant Lladro

Extremely rare early lladro.  Originally issued in 1968 by Master Sculptor Juan Huerta. Permantly retired in 1978. 16" tall x 6.5" wide x 6.5" depth.



Brass Siamese King's Archer

Majestic siamese King's Archer Brass Statue.  17" tall x 11.5" wide x 4" depth.  Excellent Condition.


Brass Siamese Royalty Statue

Exquisitely crafted Brass Siamese Royalty Statue.  Female. 16" tall x 5" wide x 6" depth.  Excellent Condition.


Van Buren Framed Print

Tribute to the Eight President of the United States, Martin Van Buren, framed vintage print (c. 1930's).  Comes with the American statesmen Martin Van Buren by Edward M. Shepard ed. 1888.  19" tall x 15" wide x 1.5" depth.


Ornate Gold Framed Mirror
Large mirror measures 44.5" tall x 28.5" wide.  Well detailed gold framed is carved with fancy swag patterns.
Near mint condition. #103
Pair of Mounted Bull Horns
Large pair of mounted horns are ready to hang. Measures 23" wide x 7" tall x 7" deep.
Near mint condition #djs
Vintage 5 Light Bronze Table Lamp
Beautiful swan lamp has 5 candelabra-style lights with faux mica shades.
Measures 42" tall x 17" wide.  Excellent condition. 

Thomas Pacconi Lighted Globe in Floor Stand
Large lighted globe rests in a solid wood floor stand.  Globe lights up.
Measures 37" tall x 18" wide.  Excellent codition #bp


Strata Brand Cast Iron Ship Doorstop
Vintage door stop was cast in the 1960's  Full rigged sailing ship.
Measures 10" wide x 7.5" tall x 2" deep.
Excellent condition.  #Royce


Polynesian Hand Carved Wood Warrior Wall Plaque
Hand made wall plaque is well detailed and in excellent condition.
Measures 36" tall x 13" wide x 4" deep. #jj
Lighted Photo of The New York Skyline
Measures 35" wide x 25" tall x 7" deep. Works perfectly. #ja
Anchor Bay Sardine Boat "Lori" in Glass Display Case
Detailed representation is in near mint condition.  Measures 10" wide x 6" tall x 7" deep.
Original 1960's Wall Art - Birds with Rocks
Hand done artwork features multicolored birds and polished stone trees.
Measures 36" wide x 12.5" tall.  Excellent condition.
Leather Wine Bota with Bullfighting Scene
Canteen has a hand painted bullfighting scene
Excellent condition.  Measures 14" tall x 17" wide. #jj
Western Theme Cowboy Lamp
Porcelain lamp is a fun, whimsical addition to bar or family room.  Measures 35" tall x 17" wide.
Excellent condition
Vintage Cedar Jewelry Box
Mid Century jewel box measures 10" wide x 7" deep x 4" tall
Near Mint condition.



Spectacular Giant Queen Conch Shell
Beautiful complete shell has wonderful pink hues.  Lucite stand included.  Measures 11" wide x 9.5" tall x 7" deep
Mint condition #103
Lemax Spooky Town Isle of Doom Lighthouse
Retired piece from Spooky Town.  Complete in the original box. 14" tall
Pair of Large Decorative Golden Heraldic Angels
Beautiful pair of angels are bright gold.  Both with trumpets.
Each measures 21": tall x 8" wide x5" deep.  Mint condition #pj11
Lacquered Decorative Brass Diving Helmet
Lovely helmet fits with any nautical themed décor.  Measures 8" tall x 9" wide X 8" deep
Excellent condition #t-52

Vintage Poker Chip Set with Wood Caddy
Mid-century chip set has 3 color chips, wood carousel holder and cover.  Measures 8" wide x 5" tall #77
Vintage Hand Made Wood Basket / Log Box
Woven style basket with handle is perfect for magazines or fire logs.  Measures 20" wide x 18" tall x 12" deep.
Excellent condition. #Royce



Vintage Peacock Cloth Tapestry
c. 1960's large tapestry has bright vibrant colors.  Measures 52" wide x 46" tall.
Excellent condition.
1965 Democratic Donkey & Republican Elephant Decorative Chianti Decanters
50+ year old decanters are comical representations of the parties' mascots.
Measures 12" tall x 5" wide.  Excellent condition. #9999



Large Hand Made Sailing Ship Model Made From Water Buffalo Horn
Intricate sailing ship was hand made apx. 60 years ago.
Measures 26" wide x 18" tall x 3" deep.  Excellent condition. #103
Large Hand made Vintage Basket
Woven basket with handle is antique blue color.  Measures 25" long x 18" tall
Excellent condition #18



Longaberger Century 2000 Basket with Liner, Lid & Tag
Mint condition basket measures 11" wide x 6" deep x 10.5" tall  #bp
Antique Metal Dressmakers Form
Old dressmakers tool is useful and makes a great display.  Popular to use as a jewelry rack.
Measures 52" tall x 18" wide. Excellent condition. #djs

Hard To Find Lenox Tweety Bird.
Lenox cream-yellow porcelain is hand decorated with 24K gold.
Measures 5" tall x 4.5" wide x 3.5" deep.  Mint condition #t-52

Large Pair Hand Carved Wood Elephant Candle Holders
Hand made Indian elephant candle holders are a show piece.
Each measures 19" tall x 10" wide x 4" deep. Excellent condition. #dod

Very Rare Lladro Woman in Rickshaw Statue
One of the iconic signature renditions by LLadro.  Item #1383 by master sculptor Salvador Debon first issued in 1978 and retired in 2005. 
Measures 12" tall x 14" long x 8" deep. Includes base. Mint condition #103

Lladro Girl Arranging Flowers Statue
Porcelain beauty at its finest.  Measures 8" tall.  Mint condition. #103

Beswick Puma on Rock Statue
Spectacular hand crafted in England and designed by sculptor Arthur Gretington.  Issued in 1962 and retired in 1975.  Measures 12" wide x 8.5" tall x 6" deep.
Mint condition #103


Happy Buddha Carved Wood Statue
Measures 12" tall x 5"wide x 3" deep.  Excellent condition.  #103


1920's Shirley Temple Paper Dolls Framed Collection
Beautiful unused 90 year old paper dolls have been professionally matted and framed.
Shirley Temple doll measures apx. 8" tall.  Display contains 7 outfits.
Frame measures 18-3/4" x 30" #18


Queen Nefertiti Porcelain Statue by Cybis
Beautiful tribute to the legendary queen.  Measures 12" tall x 10" wide x 7"  Produced in 1979, limited edition of 500 pieces.  Mint condition  #103


Pair of Exquisite Gold Plant / Statue Stands
Cast metal fluted column style stands.  Bright gold finish.
Measures 36" tall x 10" wide. Near Mint+ Condition. #tkdd
$175 each $300 for pair

Mignon Chalkware Statue of Broken Hearted Maiden
Hand painted wistful maiden measures 18" tall x 11" wide x 4" deep.  Excellent condition #103

Large Tiffany Style Lamp with Multicolored Leaf Pattern Shade
Elegant table lamp is in near mint condition. Measures 36" tall x 20" wide.


Victorian Era Unused German Made Paper Doll Collection
Large collection has been professionally matted and framed.  Center doll measures 10" tall and includes 5 outfits and 3 hats.
Frame measures 34" x 24" #18


Buckeye Blue Ribbon 5 Gallon Stoneware Jug
Large handmade stoneware jug has a beautiful blue "Blue Ribbon" stamp.
Buckeye was in business 1870's - late 1920's. 17" tall x 10" wide. Excellent condition. #DMD


Cold Cast Brass Plated Violinist & Flutist Statues
 Solid metal statues are in excellent condition.
 Flutist measures 13" wide x 10" tall x 10" deep.
 Violinist measures 12" wide  x 11' tall x 8" deep #103


Large Size Deer Taxidermy
Well mounted deer head is in excellent condition.  Measures apx 24" tall x 18" deep.  #gcm

Mid Century Glass Bodied Lamp
Beautiful hand painted glass body with brass base.  3 way switch.
Near Mint condition.  Measures 37" tall x 16' wide.


Large Selection of Cow Parade Statues
Dozens to choose from, most with original boxes and tags.  Mint condition #dod


Antique Floor Stand Metal Birdcage
Gold metal birdcage measures 62" tall x 18" wide.
Excellent condition.



Large Collection of Collectible Beer Steins & Figural Decanters
Dozens to choose from.  Many styles & shapes
Excellent condition.


$10 - $30 each


Miller Light & Lite Beer Neon Signs
3 color neon bar signs work perfectly. Near mint condition.  Measure apx. 24" wide x 18" tall.  
Lite Beer Sign $198
Miller Light Sign $275

Antique Victorian Oil Lamp Chandelier
Beautiful 110+ year old oil lamp was converted to electricity and has been mounted to hardware as a hanging chandelier.  Hand painted globe is accented with hanging crystals.
Excellent condition.#18

Vintage Gladding Champion Fatback Sled
Old sled is perfect for your Christmas Décor.  Can be used inside or out.
Measures 52" long x 14" wide.  Excellent condition  #DJS

Large Bronze Art Statues after Chiparus ...Bali Dancers & More
Beautiful cast bronze statues.  Up to 22" tall.  Several to choose from. #IS
$395 each.

Beautiful Sterling Silver Swan & Babies Figurine

Beautiful 3 -D swan & 2 cygnet (baby swans).

Fine design and exquisite attention to detail are evident in every surface of this lovely swan family.

Marked "925".  Weighs 2.2 ounces.

Measures 2" tall x 3" long x 2" wide.

Mint condition with natural toning.



Deer Antler Set

4 Rack Set on Vintage Ironing Board

Measures 46” x 12”



Deer Head

Deer Head Mount & Point



Buffalo & Calf Statue

Mother Water Buffalo & Calf. Wood Statue



57" Tall Hand Carved Indian Statue
Beautiful statue is hand carved solid wood with applied jewels.
Excellent condition #Royce


Old wood & glass windows

Multiple sizes & pane count.  Many Available.  Windows come from an old schoolhouse and farmhouse.





Old Wood Doors

Multiple sizes. Some with windows.  All solid wood. From an old schoolhouse and farmhouse.

$75 - $120




Large Selection of Lladro Figurines

A large selection of Lladro and Nao figurines offered. Some with original boxes.

Prices vary $25-$500




Large Selection of Botanic Soap Products

Botanic bar soaps, liquid hand soap, foaming milk bath and  hand lotion. Many fragrances & sizes available.




Handmade Fiji Mermaid
Hand created Fiji Mermaid is the perfect oddity for any collection. Belongs in a Ripley's Believe It Or Not Collection. Blonde hair.
6 in long x 4 in wide.  




Vintage Naughty / Nice Cast Bronze Dish

Late Victorian dish features on the front a raised relief design of a startled woman being escorted by a gallant military officer.  On the back it is obvious why the lady is startled...the officer has given her the "goose".

Measures 5" long x 3-3/4" wide x 1/2" deep.




Large Selection of Antique Tins & Bottles
Many to choose from. Antique & vintage collectible tins and bottles.
Prices $1 & Up   



Vintage Brass King of Diamond Candlesticks

This style brass candlesticks were originally designed to celebrate Queen Victoria's 60th year on the throne.

Measure 11-3/8" tall x 3-3/4" wide at base. 

Marked "King of Diamond" inside base

Excellent+ condition


Steinbach "Chubby Piper" Nutcracker
Fantastic hand made nutcracker is a man playing bag pipes.  Measures 11.5": tall. Original box & hang tag included.

Mint condition